As a group of companies involved in minerals’ sourcing and trade, Chopard Group (hereinafter “Chopard”) is aware of the risks associated to its supply chain and business operations worldwide. To ensure its commitment to maintain responsible activities and supply chain, Chopard has developed a grievance mechanism to address any stakeholders’ grievances relating to its operations and its supply chain.

The Grievance Procedure applies to all external stakeholders of Chopard i.e. suppliers, business partners, industry association, certification bodies, civil society, media, clients, affected person, group or community (hereinafter the “Stakeholder(s)”) to offer them a way to raise a grievance about Chopard activities or supply chain.

In this framework, Stakeholders may report abuses, risks and behaviours including, but not limited to, human rights violations, environmental damage, corruption, fraud, labour practices (hereafter the “Grievance”).

The Grievance may be addressed (anonymously if needed) by mail to the address of Chopard Headquarter 8 rue Veyrot, 1217 Meyrin; by email to or by phone +41.22.939.83.24.

The Grievance may be formulated verbally, but it is preferable to put it in writing. The following information and evidence should be provided:

  • description of facts
  • name of organisation involved
  • potential witnesses
  • date, time, location of relevant events.

Chopard has set up the present Grievance Procedure according to the following UN Principles: legitimacy, accessibility, predictability, equitability, (human) rights compatibility, transparency, dialogue-based and continuous learning to achieve its main outcome which is helping people whose rights may have been affected.

Each Grievance will be treated according to the following procedure:

1. Receiving the Grievance

The Grievance is received, logged in the system, treated as strictly confidential and acknowledged to the relevant Stakeholder.

2. Scope – applicability

The Corporate Sustainability Department will oversee the preliminary study of the Grievance, whether the Grievance relates to Chopard’s operations, to its policies or processes. If the Grievance is not in Chopard’s scope or if it is addressed pursuant Chopard Disciplinary and Grievance Policy for Chopard Employees, it will be closed, and the relevant Stakeholder will be informed accordingly.

Otherwise, the process will continue to the next step (stage 3 hereunder).

3. Investigation procedure

The Grievance will be undertaken by the Grievance Committee composed of the Financial Director (CFO), the Legal Director and the Head of Corporate Sustainability.

Chopard will use best endeavours to inform the relevant Stakeholder of the expected timeframe for considering the Grievance and where possible, its resolution. The Stakeholder will remain well informed about the progress of the procedure at each stage.

The investigation includes different actions dialogue-based (the list is not exhaustive)

  • hearing the Stakeholder from whom the Grievance emanates (if not anonymously filed)
  • hearing the person against whom the Grievance is made (if feasible)
  • looking for any possible witnesses and questioning them.

4. Results

The Grievance Committee will be drawing up a report containing recommendations and/or actions for appropriate measures to be taken by Chopard in accordance with international standards and norms.

This report will be discussed with relevant Stakeholder and/or interested parties (where appropriate).

5. Monitoring

Based on the timeframe, the Corporate Sustainability Department will follow up on the different stages and monitor the procedure’s progress. It will then close the case further to the complete implementation of (corrective) actions defined in stage 4.